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Try staying classy…

May 12, 2011 5 comments

So, over the past few weeks I’ve watched the Maury Show, Steve Wilkos Show, and Judge Mathis to pay attention to the words said by the guests on these shows.

It’s presumed that the guests on these shows are members of the lower classes in society. I wanted to see if I could see distinct differences between words which they use compared to words which I hear everyday around me.

After a few weeks of observation, one word I heard on the shows but not in my everyday surroundings was “female.” Instead of using “woman,” “women,” “lady,” “ladies,” guests on the shows frequently use  the word “female” or “females.”

Just listening to the word “female” irked me, it sounded dirty for some reason to me, almost to the level of what I’d consider a pet peeve. So, after watching one of these shows I asked my mother how she felt about the usage of the word “female” and she said that she sees it as being derogatory and  rude.

After this I concluded that there are words which show the lack of class and knowledge of people and a prime example is “female.” I have never heard many if any educated adults use “females” over the word “woman” or “lady.”

If you want to sound educated and classy, avoid using the word “female.” It doesn’t put you in a good light, if you care.


Some things are just timeless…

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Don’t make me repeat myself…

So, I was at an orientation for New York Cares, a volunteer program in the city and one of my biggest pet peeves from school came up. This peeve is people asking the same damn questions over and over again.

I understand that I can be extremely impatient and that’s probably a contributing cause for my hating to repeat myself.  In addition to hating repeating myself, I thoroughly dislike hearing people repeat the same things over and over. Thankfully, I’ve become adept and tuning this out because it drives my crazy! In high school, I wanted to go over the students who asked the same questions over and over and strangle them.

I understand that people don’t pick things up at the same speed, but most of the time people who repeat the same questions over and over just aren’t paying attention. Just pay attention!

A common saying among people who speak in front of groups often is “there is no such thing as a bad question.” Bullshit! If someone ask a question one time, the following four times someone else asks that same question (with different wording sometimes) it’s a bad question.

Please people, pay attention when people are addressing you, so you don’t have to make them repeat themselves.

WTF is Your Name?

So, I wake up on a typical weekday morning and turn on my guilty pleasure, the Maury Show. Yes I know, “why the hell do I watch that crap.” Simply because it makes me feel better about myself.

Anyways in the middle of watching a Maury Show episode filled with paternity tests (i.e. “This is the 5th guy I tested, I am 1000% sure that he’s my baby’s daddy. And he better step up to the plate!” That shit cracks me up.)

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Enough with this background crap! Welcome back to “What Grinds my Gears.” This pet peeve is something which I have to deal with on a daily basis especially when I am watching television shows such as Maury. This peeve is people with weird names.

I can’t stand it! I don’t see the reason for giving someone a weird name. It’s not cute. I presume that you’re uneducated and don’t know that it’s a weird and stupid name. If you want your child to be very successful when they grow up, you’re setting them up for an uphill battle.

Alternate spellings are cool at times, but weird names, no dice! I know it’s a pet peeve of mine and many others who I have talked with. Just a thought to all those future parents out there: think about what you’re naming your child!

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Here’s a list of some names which I consider weird:

Sincere, Lexus, Opal, Skyy, Timberland, Apple, Poppy Honey, Espn, Morpheus, Sovandara, Sovanrithy, Subhi, Suphachad, Tes, Wattie, Xerox, Korey, Rayan, Stone, Dandre, Diao, Ball, Cristobal, Fior, Selene, Zebedee, Legend, Flower, Sunshine, Dustiny, and MANY MANY more but I think you get the point.

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Move Bi***

Welcome to part three of “What Grinds My Gears.” Part three will be something that anyone who’s from New York City or other places where mass transportation is a common way to travel throughout the city.

This pet peeve is when people, specifically strangers, sit next to you when there are other spaces available.

Here are a few reason why it’s annoying to have someone sit next to you when there are other spaces available

1. This is the United States! Personal space is important in the United States!

2. Some people smell, I don’t want these people anywhere near me.

3. Some people like to start conversations up with strangers, I don’t!

4. There are other spaces available!

I understand that rules are different in other nations around the world. However, if there is space available, use it and get the hell away from me! I don’t know you!

What Grinds My Gears…

March 24, 2011 2 comments

This is the beginning of an extensive series of what irks me, pet peeves, or as Peter Griffin says, “grinds my gears.” I’ll note that these aren’t going to be in any specific order, but rather in way what comes to me when I am writing.

A major pet peeve of mine is rudeness. I have a major issue with people who are rude. No matter who they are: ranging from a random person who I’ve never met to members of my family.

What bothers me the most about being rude is that it doesn’t take much effort to avoid doing so.

What’s so difficult about opening a door for an elderly person or keeping a door open for a couple of seconds to allow someone who’s coming into a building behind you to get in as well.

I witness countless people as well who don’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and this kind of rudeness bothers me as well because it shows how selfish and careless many people are. I am not sure if this is a New York thing where people are brought up rude or if this is becoming a pandemic where everyone is becoming ruder and ruder by the day.

Another rude thing which I witness on a regular basis especially when I was in college was the lack of respect for other people’s space. Even if you don’t know someone you should at least acknowledge their presence if you’re a visitor to their room, car, house, cardboard box, wherever.  This type of rudeness shows a lack of class and etiquette which people should learn growing up, but apparently have forgotten what their parents taught them or simply are just that ignorant which is pitiful.

I know my ranting about it isn’t going to solve the problem of rudeness throughout the world, but it feels good letting it out.

To everyone who knows rude people out there, everyone: tell them being rude is not the way to go! Say please and thank you, open doors for the handicapped and elderly, let them sit down in your sit if there aren’t others available. It’s called being a human being!