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Politics in a Nutshell

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a cartoon which shows the current state of affairs of politics in the United States.

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Try staying classy…

May 12, 2011 5 comments

So, over the past few weeks I’ve watched the Maury Show, Steve Wilkos Show, and Judge Mathis to pay attention to the words said by the guests on these shows.

It’s presumed that the guests on these shows are members of the lower classes in society. I wanted to see if I could see distinct differences between words which they use compared to words which I hear everyday around me.

After a few weeks of observation, one word I heard on the shows but not in my everyday surroundings was “female.” Instead of using “woman,” “women,” “lady,” “ladies,” guests on the shows frequently use  the word “female” or “females.”

Just listening to the word “female” irked me, it sounded dirty for some reason to me, almost to the level of what I’d consider a pet peeve. So, after watching one of these shows I asked my mother how she felt about the usage of the word “female” and she said that she sees it as being derogatory and  rude.

After this I concluded that there are words which show the lack of class and knowledge of people and a prime example is “female.” I have never heard many if any educated adults use “females” over the word “woman” or “lady.”

If you want to sound educated and classy, avoid using the word “female.” It doesn’t put you in a good light, if you care.

Some things just shouldn’t be seen on television…

After seeing Craig Sager cover the NBA playoffs again on TNT, I just had to start shaking my head. I am not a fan of tacky attire, but this takes it to another level. If I had long hair, looking Craig Sager on television would make me pull that hair out.

Here are four of the many clothing combinations which Sager has had to audacity to wear on national television. Beware this is graphic!

Interviewing Kobe at the All-Star Game. Courtesy of 4thandforever.

Interviewing Shaq at the All Star Game. Courtesy of 4thandforever.I am officially losing my mind! Courtesy of 4thandforever.

WTF!! At Fenway Park.

Now, everyone understands where I am coming from.

Kevin Garnett says exactly what I’d want to say if I ever catch anyone who I know wearing something that looks like anything which seen above.

Some things are just timeless…

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Knock it off!

Courtesy of Gurdit

With the second leg of UEFA Champions League Semifinals coming up this week, I thought I should post something which is a huge pet peeve of mine that exists within the game of Soccer/Football.

I have a HUGE problem with players rolling around the ground as if they were shot and having a whole team chase a referee around appealing for a card when there is a foul committed against the opposing team.

Now, football/soccer is my favorite sport, so it’s difficult for me to watch matches such as Real Madrid/Barcelona match on April 27 which was marred by players feigning injuries, especially Sergio Busquets, Dani Alves,  and Pedro from Barca, and players appealing for further discipline on fouls which players from both teams were guilty.

It’s a shame when after foul by a player leads to the whole opposing team surrounding the official and trying to influence him into a decision. This was evident after Pepe‘s foul on Dani Alves in the second half. It’s impossible to know whether the official, Wolfgang Stark, was influenced by the whole Barcelona team surrounding him.

Current footballers aren’t fans of Barcelona’s actions throughout the match.  As Rio Ferdinand tweeted about Dani Alves’ reaction to Pepe’s tackle, “If you ever see me go off on a stretcher then run back on to play, I give everyone on here the green light to him me with a two-footed tackle.” In addition, oft-injured Michael Owen added his two cents, Alves’ actions won’t please many as if he had got straight up it would have been a yellow card, but Barça fans will be happy with his actions.”

As one of the broadcasters said on FX, you want to see good football being played in ‘el clasico,’ which now pits probably the two best teams in the world against one another. The last thing you want to see is these supremely skilled football players roll around on the ground and act like infants. Knock it off!

Lastly, to piggyback on the point about a whole team surrounding the official to influence the decision, FIFA is supposed to have a ‘respect’ campaign which isn’t followed anymore. Players who aren’t the on-pitch captain of their squad who surround the official should each get carded.

Please knock it off! Football is the beautiful game, keep it that way.

NOTE: Although this post makes it seem as if I am against Barcelona, this  not the case. I am not a Real Madrid fan either, in actuality I thoroughly dislike them.

Don’t make me repeat myself…

So, I was at an orientation for New York Cares, a volunteer program in the city and one of my biggest pet peeves from school came up. This peeve is people asking the same damn questions over and over again.

I understand that I can be extremely impatient and that’s probably a contributing cause for my hating to repeat myself.  In addition to hating repeating myself, I thoroughly dislike hearing people repeat the same things over and over. Thankfully, I’ve become adept and tuning this out because it drives my crazy! In high school, I wanted to go over the students who asked the same questions over and over and strangle them.

I understand that people don’t pick things up at the same speed, but most of the time people who repeat the same questions over and over just aren’t paying attention. Just pay attention!

A common saying among people who speak in front of groups often is “there is no such thing as a bad question.” Bullshit! If someone ask a question one time, the following four times someone else asks that same question (with different wording sometimes) it’s a bad question.

Please people, pay attention when people are addressing you, so you don’t have to make them repeat themselves.

Enough is enough!

April 23, 2011 4 comments

This being a rainy Saturday and there being nothing to do, I decided to look at some pictures on Facebook.  Oddly enough while looking at these photos on Facebook I found yet another pet peeve.  This pet peeve is women who wear too much makeup.

This is my view of makeup, makeup should accentuate your beauty not define it.

I understand that many women don’t feel comfortable going into public without putting on makeup. That’s fine with me. However, some women need to understand that there is such a thing as putting on too much makeup.

Even the famous people do it.

Putting on too much makeup makes you look unattractive, cheap, tacky, clueless, ugly, clownish, etc… I hope that these women who put on too much makeup aren’t going for the things which I mentioned because if you are, I am literally laughing out loud at you.

I was pondering posting photos of people who I know who wear too much makeup, but I thought better of it because I don’t feel like being attacked by these people.

To show that I am not alone in the matter I found a survey where 2,000 men were surveyed with one-fifth of men saying that their partners wear too much makeup and one-tenth of men prefer women not to wear makeup at all (Stylelist).

Please women, enough is enough!