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Try staying classy…

May 12, 2011 5 comments

So, over the past few weeks I’ve watched the Maury Show, Steve Wilkos Show, and Judge Mathis to pay attention to the words said by the guests on these shows.

It’s presumed that the guests on these shows are members of the lower classes in society. I wanted to see if I could see distinct differences between words which they use compared to words which I hear everyday around me.

After a few weeks of observation, one word I heard on the shows but not in my everyday surroundings was “female.” Instead of using “woman,” “women,” “lady,” “ladies,” guests on the shows frequently use  the word “female” or “females.”

Just listening to the word “female” irked me, it sounded dirty for some reason to me, almost to the level of what I’d consider a pet peeve. So, after watching one of these shows I asked my mother how she felt about the usage of the word “female” and she said that she sees it as being derogatory and  rude.

After this I concluded that there are words which show the lack of class and knowledge of people and a prime example is “female.” I have never heard many if any educated adults use “females” over the word “woman” or “lady.”

If you want to sound educated and classy, avoid using the word “female.” It doesn’t put you in a good light, if you care.


Clapping and talking? Just don’t…

After watching a segment of the Maury Show today, I found yet another pet peeve of mine. This peeve doesn’t bother me as much as some of the other ones I’ve mentioned in other posts, but it’s definitely annoying nonetheless. What I am referring to clapping while talking.

Clapping while talking is a pet peeve of mine because it’s extremely unattractive. People who clap while talking are loud for the simple fact that they’re trying to talk above the clapping noises they’re making. And being too loud is definitely an unattractive quality in my book.

In addition, clapping while talking is a misguided way to get your point across.  I know from personal experience I’ve never paid any more attention to what someone was saying because they were clapping.

Furthermore, clapping while talking shows a lack of intelligence. Look at the people who you see clap and talk and ask yourself what you think of them.

Just don’t clap while you talk. For my sake and for everyone else.

WTF is Your Name?

So, I wake up on a typical weekday morning and turn on my guilty pleasure, the Maury Show. Yes I know, “why the hell do I watch that crap.” Simply because it makes me feel better about myself.

Anyways in the middle of watching a Maury Show episode filled with paternity tests (i.e. “This is the 5th guy I tested, I am 1000% sure that he’s my baby’s daddy. And he better step up to the plate!” That shit cracks me up.)

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Enough with this background crap! Welcome back to “What Grinds my Gears.” This pet peeve is something which I have to deal with on a daily basis especially when I am watching television shows such as Maury. This peeve is people with weird names.

I can’t stand it! I don’t see the reason for giving someone a weird name. It’s not cute. I presume that you’re uneducated and don’t know that it’s a weird and stupid name. If you want your child to be very successful when they grow up, you’re setting them up for an uphill battle.

Alternate spellings are cool at times, but weird names, no dice! I know it’s a pet peeve of mine and many others who I have talked with. Just a thought to all those future parents out there: think about what you’re naming your child!

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Here’s a list of some names which I consider weird:

Sincere, Lexus, Opal, Skyy, Timberland, Apple, Poppy Honey, Espn, Morpheus, Sovandara, Sovanrithy, Subhi, Suphachad, Tes, Wattie, Xerox, Korey, Rayan, Stone, Dandre, Diao, Ball, Cristobal, Fior, Selene, Zebedee, Legend, Flower, Sunshine, Dustiny, and MANY MANY more but I think you get the point.

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