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Stephen A. Smith, Please Come Back!

After watching basketball today on ABC with Hubie Brown providing color commentary, unfortunately, for the Bulls/Magic game, I thought there is something missing. What’s missing? Stephen A. Smith on television.

Stephen A. Smith had his own show on ESPN called Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith, as well as being one of the NBA analysts on ESPN. Sadly, he left the ESPN network in 2009 due to contract issues and he’s sorely missed.

Smith offers quite insightful analysis on the NBA plus he has great energy and is quite funny at times with his rants.

Here are a few clips (Via Youtube) of some of my favorite Stephen A. Smith moments.

1. Smith’s reaction to the Pau Gasol trade in which calls Kwame Brown a glorified scrub. Hilarious

2. Smith and Bill Walton arguing during the All-Star Celebrity Game where he states Walton is “appalled about everything”

3. Smith arguing with a caller on his radio show. He mocks the man multiple times, funny as hell.

Those are three that I found randomly. There are plenty more for you to look at online if you want.

Smith is currently on Fox Sports, but I don’t watch that. Help bring back Stephen A. Smith to ESPN!

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