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A Tic-Tac Wouldn’t Hurt…

In the midst of a conversation today, I found another thing which “Grinds my Gears.” This peeve is something which everyone can relate to unless they have serious issues…bad breath!

I, for one, cannot stand bad breath. It makes conversations very awkward and hard to concentrate on what’s being said.

Bad breath comes in all shapes and sizes. Starting with “morning breath” which everyone has had. Having bad breath when you wake up is understandable to me, but what annoys the hell out of me is not doing anything about your “morning breath.”

People own toothbrushes and toothpaste, so brush your damn teeth! And you’ll get rid of your stank breath- everyone will be thankful!

In addition, bad breath can also happen for various reasons throughout the day, I am not going to go through all of them.  (FYI: for those people who smoke, you have bad breath, accept it and do something about it!)

For the bad breath which occurs throughout the day, there are things which you can and should do to get rid of this bad breath. There are such things a breath mints- a viable option, mouthwash- another viable option, and gum-another option option.

People have access to these options and should use them. Bad breath is a very solvable problem. Temporary relief is quite cheap and will help you in the short and long-term.

This will happen while you have bad breath: your job interviews will go horribly, you will never get a girlfriend/boyfriend, your teeth will look like shit and people’s overall view of you will worsen. (i.e. you’ll be known as that person with bad breath)

P.S. A word of advice for all of you with halitosis. Go to the dentist!

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